Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, after 11 days I have gotten my stitches out. Yes, I cut my finger badly two Sundays ago and ended up getting six stitches in my left index finger. Luckily my dad was down helping out with the house, so he drove me to urgent care (B does NOT do well with traumatic injuries with blood). It's been difficult to type or do much of all the things I love to do. The bag of clearanced beautiful organic soy yarn I picked up has had to wait... sigh.

With my much-improved mobility I'll be able to get the backlog of updates and photos.

And don't worry-- I'm not posting any photos of the injury.


amanda. said...


i miss your updates!!

Sarah and Jake said...

Yikes, glad you are ok. Do you have any cute belly shots to post on the blog yet?