Saturday, February 2, 2008

November's gift

I'm still working on one project a month for the new babe. November's project was a pair of booties. Sorry the pictures are kind of crummy; I think our camera is beginning to fail. Must be all that drywall dust and concrete powder it's ingested over the past year.
I used the pattern for Saartje's Booties, and made them using thin acrylic baby yarn in variegated rainbow and then cream for the top. I found wooden buttons at a local fabric store and used those to close the straps.
They turned out pretty good for a first attempt! Next time I'll make the button loops smaller and sew up the bottom using a different method. I'm just not every good at knitting stuff flat and sewing them up. I like making things in the round much more. Less seams, less fuss. But that's just me.

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