Saturday, February 2, 2008

January gift

January's gift is another woolen soaker from a different pattern. B's been calling them Butt Sweaters. The pattern called for adding hidden rows in the tush to accommodate the bulk of a cloth diaper, which I think I did okay on. There are some gaps on the sides, but it will function just fine as it is. Again, a new technique that I know I'll be more successful with the next time I make one. This one has a smaller crotch seam than the one I made in October and cuffed legs. The pattern was actually for long pants, but I just shortened them and added the little "Charlie Brown" zig zag.
I know it will be summer, and knowing how quickly babies grow, I didn't want to make long woolens only to have the babe grow out of them before we got to use them. I have a new pattern for yet a different style--it's constructed with applix tabs in the front like a bummis cover and knitted flat. I have the perfect monkey pattern to knit onto the butt.


amanda. said...

babies in wool make me swoon.

Hell On High Heels said... make the cutest stuff!!!! I'm so jealous that I do not have the knitting talent that you have! Hugs for you. :)