Sunday, July 27, 2008

Meeting baby Steamboat

There are only four weeks between Bennett and Finn. I predict them being thick as thieves as soon as they are big enough to play "lava" in the backyard. Possibly sooner. Who knows--maybe we'll have to rename our little guy Sawyer!

Check out the Speedville blog to see where this goes...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fashion Show Outtakes

I've been struggling with the models for my under-construction Etsy site. Somehow I just end up with one uncooperative little fella. Maybe I should bribe him with cookies?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Some days it seems like this little guy never sleeps. Yet there's proof it does happen on occasion.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mama and baby coming home from a walk

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dad Man Walking

Well, you know what B and Monkey will be doing at the end of the month... LINK.

Bennett and the Family Booties

These booties were bought by Grandma D during one of her travels (Jerusalem? Ireland?) and worn by every grandbaby. And now we begin with the great grandbabies... thanks for the beautiful blanket, crafty Aunt Holly!


Remember all the progress on the house? Well, it has obviously come to a dead stop. The last bit of work we got done was the baseboards.

We ended up trashing the baseboards that were in our house through the construction process. The low(er) cost solution was milling new baseboards ourselves out of MDF. First, B and Pop cut the sheets down to boards the appropriate height.

Then they routed out the detail edges and a groove down the middle for some decorative molding.

Then the molding was glued and nailed into place with the air gun and some small brads.
After a thorough sanding we gave them several coats of primer and paint.

It like a sweatshop at our house that weekend; everyone participated in some aspect of creating all of the baseboard we needed.

We finished getting the last of it installed the night before I went into labor. All that's left to do is sand down the wood filler from the nail holes and give it all one last coat of paint.

Looks pretty rich, no? You'd never know it only cost us a couple hundred buckaroos to mill enough to trim out the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen and mudroom.

B has moved outside this summer, projectwise. More on that later, the Monkey is calling...


I love this shot. Look how blue his eyes are right now... just like papa. And it shows the undertones of red in his hair!

Bigger than a monkey

Well, we didn't have toast or bananas to compare the monkey to, but we did have his stuffed monkey.
Sadly, we have to report that the monkey is now bigger than his monkey.
Time to pack away the newborn-sized stuff with heavy hearts. He's growing like a weed!

Big milestones over the past few days:

-Big smiles when we wish Monkey good morning, and not the poop grins we've come to expect.
-His gaze is staying much more fixed on stuff, especially shadows and his reflection in the big mirror in our bedroom.
-The "I'm bored" cry is becoming distinctly different to us than the "I'm hungry."
-Limbs are a lot more organized. He's been stretching after naps just like Poppy.
-The nugget is a lot less floppy. Go neck muscles!
-He's finding those magical things called thumbs.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bennett and the matriarchs

We spent the weekend of the Fourth visiting the family up north. It was the first visit for Bennett and the extended family, and Bennett thoroughly enjoyed hanging with great Grandma.

And Grandma!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

now with updates!

This is what a family of engineers considers funny.

Happy Birthday

Dear Brian,

Today is your 32nd birthday. Yes, I know they say that after 30 your life is effectively over. We've spent well over a third of our birthdays together now, and I have to tell you that each year that passes has been unforgettable with you. I was drawn to you a dozen years ago because of your quick wit and blue eyes, and I'm drawn to you today for the man you've become. Every new project you tackle you put your whole heart in. You are an amazing cook and cheesecake maker as well as a talented craftsman--look at our house!!! Your love of all things technical and geeky make you charming, and your savant memory for all things pop-culture make you a hit at parties (ha-ha!). You've laughed with me through the good times and held me during the darkest.

I love you.

You are a wonderful partner, my best friend, and the greatest father Bennett and Burke could have ever wanted. Here's to a lifetime of more great moments. I can't wait to spend them with you.



Thursday, July 3, 2008


The boys getting strapped in for an evening walk:

Thanks Andy for the "manly" sling! It's a total hit... and the pockets are great!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Parent Survival Kit

We've been out of our usual good coffee for quite a while and let me tell you how much it's been hurting. Especially when combined with the expected gaps in predictable sleep that all new parents work through.

So here is our salvation, freshly arrived from our coffee co-op group. Ten beautiful pounds of fuel for the upcoming weeks.