Saturday, February 2, 2008

December gift

For December I knew I wanted to make a toy... so here he is. It's a(nother!) Jess Hutch bunny, but with a knitted on pink and red sweater. And he's smaller than mine, more the size of Burke's bunny.
There's just something great about orange bunnies. And mohair blend yarn.
It took a while to finish; The stripes were trickier than I thought they would be and didn't turn out quite even like I wanted them to. I've noticed when things don't turn out how they "should," I have the tendency to just walk away and do something else. I really had to force myself to accept the little flaws and move on. The toy will be loved to felty goodness and I'm sure the imperfections won't be noticed.

Completed is sometimes better than perfect.