Saturday, May 28, 2011

Without further ado....

We present Norah Rae Krygowski
Born 5/25/11 6:12PM

8lbs 7oz
21 inches long

She took a little extra time deciding if she wanted to come out but we are glad she finally did.

So my family was calling for updates constantly prior to Norah's birth. I started to text them Babywatch news team updates (The best Baby Doppler in the tri-state area) to keep the calls down to a minimum. My mother would then ask if Frank was available for the weather. Let me explain, Frank Marzullo is one of the weather forecasters on Fox locally and he used to do the weather in my home town. So I started to wonder if I could get Frank to do a baby update. So I emailed him and explained my plan. Frank jumped right on board and filmed the following video clip for my parents. Thanks Frank!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

While we are waiting...

So here we are a week past my due date, and still no sign of the elusive new member of the family. We were so sure this kid was coming early! All those heavy duty contractions beginning at 36 weeks! Already dilating! Lost my plug!! Sigh.

Leave it to parenthood to remind you there is nothing you can count on, no guarantees. You know what they say about people who ASSUME. So much of the process is learning to release, let go of any expectations you have and just "go" with it. In that vein, and trying to stay positive, we have gotten a TON of stuff done in the meantime, in between flood warnings and the Rapture, that is.

Deep freezer purchased and stocked: check.
Major yard cleanup and mulching: check.
Cobwebs swept up: check.
Potty training complete: check.
Cars cleaned out: check.
Mount Washmore and Mount Foldmore in the laundry room defeated (thanks, Mom!): check.
A few closets and storage spaces cleaned out: check.
Baby clothes washed and ready: check.
Nice hair cut: check.
Pedicure: check.
Bennett in big kid bed: check.
Kitchen and bath floors scrubbed on hands and knees: check. Didn't do much, by the way.

Burke's Grief Quilt for this year complete: check. Now I need to figure out what to do with it: Sell it and donate the proceeds, give it away...

Baby Quilt for the new one completed: check. It's from Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear book, a favorite of Bennett's when he was little. Choosing a unisex theme was kind of hard since we don't know yet if the babe is a boy or girl...

And the back. I used a simple purple batik and added a strip of stripes from the front and more of the kids.

Swing set assembled: check. Separate post coming on that insanity. Imagine Ikea. In hell.

New bed for squash, cukes and pumpkins: check.

Rest of the garden in: check. And planted by yours truly in efforts to bring on labor.

I even got pretty far in the quilting of Bennett's tool quilt! I'm trying to emulate wood grain with the quilting. The sun has not been cooperative, so these are the best photos of the quilts I have right now, but more when it's done.

Anyhow, we are still waiting. If there is not much happening by Monday we are going to begin the process to file formal eviction papers. As Bennett says: COME ON OUT, BABY!