Friday, August 17, 2007

We found a new stove!

I guess the term "new" is relative since it's a 1954 Tappan Deluxe. We spent less on it than we would have on a brand new stove and this one has a thousand times the style. I love it! I hung pictures above our current chipped up almond 1970s Magic Chef range, inserted in the rust-colored tile. Oh, how I will not miss ye. The stove is in GREAT shape, but lives in Cleveland. So, looks like there's a road trip in our near future up 71. IT is almost as cool as the stove I saw years ago with a periscope on the back rise that you could peer in to see what's cookin' in the oven without opening the door! I guess that was a niftier solution than installing a glass window. And that one had red knobs.

There's a chance this style has the glow-dials, though I'm not sure. It has a single oven and broiler, with storage in the sides. The back of it contains a clock, dial-glo timer, and a dial-a-meal which tells you how long to cook stuff like roasts, etc. Not much use for us since we're mostly vegetarian, but hey, the novelty of it is to die for.
It also comes with one of the two original burner covers. When you flip it over, it's a serving tray, complete with the lil' Tappan Chef logo.
And, when not in use, it conveniently hangs inside the storage compartments. How great is that?
It also comes with the original cookbook and manual. From 1954. I wonder how creepy the recipes will be: Spam Salad? Creamed Cabbage? Bacon Brisket? What treasured horrors can it contain? I'm really excited. I can't wait to get it installed. It'll be so perfect in our home. And I promise I'll never make Spam Salad. Ever.

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