Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chili Cookoff!!!

Okey doke, folks... I began talking at the Dinner tonight about the Chili Cookoff. Yep, the time is coming up, fast and furious... it will be the SECOND Saturday of October this year (A wedding on the first Saturday the 6th, ladies and gents. And we know so many of you are already attending!) which makes it (fumble with calendar)... SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13TH!!! Save that date, folks. And rest up. This is a two party weekend month. We will probably be making T-shirts again, but I'm not going to guarantee that. With the amount of work to do around here, there's a chance we will forgo them.

The good news from tonight: B took the opportunity of a spouse-free evening to install the new dishwasher! Yay! It's so beautiful; check it out:
Okay, I guess it's hard to see behind the tags and stuff, but it's stainless like the fridge with no exposed buttons. Really sweet. Stainless interior with nylon coated baskets that don't chip like plastic coated ones. And it was a STEAL!!! Over 30% off!!!!!
Here's the view from the basement stairs looking into the kitchen. Notice the exposed sink plumbing B completed this weekend. And next is the shot of the new sink and faucet B installed to go with the new plumbing! What a guy! So, we once again have water running on the main floor.
Sorry about the mess around it. At least it's in... It's a granite composite sink, dark gray/black to match the counters.

So, this weekend is another marathon of work. I'm pretty sure the plan is to start painting the exterior of the house. And there's a big sale at work (20% off everything, folks, for those that know where I work) and I am making my first attempt to work a Saturday since Burke's birth. Anyhow, there you have it. The budget on all this work is beginning to weigh a little heavy on me, since I'm the designated bill-payer. Oh, well. We'll catch up soon enough with it. It's not like we have bar tabs to pay or fancy therapists to spend it on. This has become our therapy. In my humble opinion all of this work we're doing together has really brought us close. Even with our family. There's nothing better than sharing this with them, knowing they were a part of it all. We will have those memories with us whenever we look at the surroundings we've created.

More to come at a not-so-later date.

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