Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So why oh why is it that when batteries go, they all go? The batteries in the digital camera pooped out. And at the same time the battery in the cordless mouse dies. And since I need power to both machines at the same time, I can't "borrow" one. I was in Target today, but forgot to buy new ones. And tonight, as I was leaving to buy caulk and a new sanding sponge at the Home Despot, I told myself "batteries. batteries. batteries. batteries. batteries. batteries." So I got in the car after checking out, confidently drove home, pulled in, and realized I forgot the batteries. CRAP! And to rub salt in the wound, the battery on the smoke detector began beeping as I walked in. JEEZ! I think it might be from all the dust I've kicked up, though, or at least that's what I'm sticking with today.

So here I go scrounging batteries from anything. Come to find out, all remotes in our house BUT ONE are AAA, not AA. I did not know this until today.

So, I score a couple semi-fresh batteries, ready to take a couple of shots, and there isn't even enough juice to turn the thing on.

Sigh, I guess this is just a sign for me to get back to caulking the trim in the mudroom instead of posting some pretty photos of these new hats I've got going on... they are made with cotton-candy looking yarn. They look like little white, pale blue and pink Sno Caps. Mmmm. candy. Well, I guess I'll go back upstairs and get some more done, now that I've wasted forty five minutes on this fruitless endeavor. Better luck tomorrow. batteries. batteries. batteries. batteries. batteries....

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