Thursday, August 16, 2007

The finished wall

That's not a wall! Yeah, I know... the photos loaded in reverse order and I don't have much time to correct my mistake.
Barstools! I love them. They look like library chairs to me, just taller and with shorter backs. Man, the floors really look like they need to be refinished. Sigh. We'll wait until we're done, then cross that bridge later on in the fall.
And here's the wall with completed arch and paint on it. We'll probably replace all the crown molding. Later.

Now it's time to gear up for the weekend. The inlaws are coming down a day early (tonight!) and work begins first thing tomorrow morning. The plumbing for the sink needs to get moved before we tear out the old one and rip off the old tile counters. I have to get the stuff in the lower cabinets packed up . Saturday will probably be the pour day, Sunday the destruction of the last wall... we will figure out the exact schedule once the folks get here and B and Pop take a look at what needs to get done.

Yep. Its going to be a Motrin weekend with a side of Icy-Hot. I'm glad my good friend M is planning a bit of a fiesta complete with a round of Lava Flows while we look thru her pics from her Hawaii vacation! Mmmm... Vacation...*drool...*

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