Thursday, August 23, 2007

Damage Toll for the weekend of 8_17

Brian here again.
So here it is:
1. Fewer walls still stand on the first floor.
2. Most cabinetry in kitchen....well, lets just say they went to the gods in a Jedi kinda way.
3. Oven, stove, and kitchen sink, dishwasher removed. Leaving us with a microwave , toaster oven, and fridge. We almost have to eat out on a daily basis (damn).
4. More concrete has been poured in the kitchen rounding off all the counter tops in the kitchen. Can't wait for the weeks of sanding and finishing that stand ahead.

So here are the pictures......

Mixin' in the heat......

Forms for counters.

Pouring and reinforcing.

My Dad "supervising," Mom and G finishing the concrete.

After the pour. Ready to take forms off and in a few days sand, sand, sand !!

My Dad showing the dogs how to "supervise".

New smaller wall in foyer minus closet.

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