Saturday, September 6, 2008


Over Labor Day weekend B and Pop worked more on the garage. They decided there needs to be an overhang in front of the new garage door to keep the weather out and to add to the functionality of the space.

So, Voila! A roof ready to shingle!

Pop also brought down some nice siding to cover the crummy old siding that has been painted over ten thousand times and has holes big enough to see through. Yes, it's dark now, but just you wait until it has a nice coat of yellow paint over all of it.
The side shows the progression. There used to be windows on the alley side that were boarded up long ago for security's sake. The guys pulled off the trim before sheeting it in plywood. The siding comes in sheets that "click" together. All you have to do is stagger the joints a bit to make it watertight. The added layers should help insulate the garage a bit more, too! B's going to have a nice man-cave to retreat to.

This weekend: finish siding... more to come!

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