Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The cat is an avid hunter and always has been. We've seen him bring everything and anything home. His skill goes way beyond your little bird or mouse, we're talking live snakes, squirrels, and even a bat. The past couple of years he's tamed down a bit. I think last year's count was about five dead, and here we were thinking he was just easing his way into early retirement.

Well, since Bennett's arrival in the house the body count has skyrocketed. We've cleaned up about 25 mice (counting the two flattened ones I just noticed in the driveway a couple weekends ago), 9 birds (the most was 3 in one night), and one NASTY FULL-SIZE BALTIMORE HARBOR RAT.

There is a constant dusting of little feathers all over the back yard.And, since my hands are constantly in the babe's mouth, I've been exempted from our usual cleanup breakdown (he-fur, me-feathers). Except for the NASTY FULL-SIZE BALTIMORE HARBOR RAT. I cleaned that one up. In my opinion it counts for a month's worth of carnage cleanup.

Anyone else deal with a crazy pet reaction to changes in the family unit?

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