Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After the storm

Little did we know that we'd be struck in Ohio by hurricane Ike Sunday afternoon. We were one of the lucky few that only lost power for a few hours. We still have neighbors who have none! Cable service was just returned yesterday; huzzah for the Internets!!!

Photos of the damage:
We almost lost the Subaru; our neighbor's tree fell, clipping the white garage (not ours) and blocking off the whole alley. It clipped the back bumper and scratched the back fender a bit; nothing substantial.

The winds were strong enough to split our neighbor's tree. They have it held together with straps until the tree crews get a moment to take it down. If it would have fallen it would have taken two sets of power lines with it.
This house just down the road may be condemned. I think they're waiting to see how extensive the damage is once the tree is removed. It crushed most of the roof in the front of the house!

We had winds up to 75 mph. I noticed bricks in one person's yard; I guess they lost their chimney. The local Chinese restaurant needs some re shingling.

All told there are over 600,000 people that lost power on Sunday, not including northern Kentucky or Dayton. They are still estimating around 100,000 people without power tonight. The grocery stores have little, since they lost all their frozen foods, and gas is still a bit of a problem since the pumps don't operate without electricity. Hopefully by the weekend things will be back to normal around here...

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