Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 months

Dear Bennett,

You are three months old today. Poppy and you are hanging out while I write this, and I guess I should make it quick because it's past your bedtime. You took a couple decent naps today so chances are you'll still be awake for a little while longer. You keep growing by leaps and bounds. I packed up all of your clothes that don't fit any more and pulled out more stuff that should. It's hard to think that you fit into 6 month outfits right now.

You are starting to chew and gnaw on things that come close to your mouth. You especially love chewing on the edge of the moby while you're wrapped up on me. I have a feeling you are starting to teethe.I haven't measured you yet this month, but I'm sure you've grown even more. You are now MUCH bigger than your monkey.
And you smile a lot more now, too!
You have discovered that there is a lot more to the world than just what you see, and you are beginning to fixate and respond to toys.
You like it when toys make jingly rattle sounds. You have also realized that there are two very large dogs and a cat living with us. I'm not sure what you think of them yet, but I'm sure the feeling is mutual. You are also not afraid to tell us what you are thinking. You continue to "g-hoo and g-hee," and are working on "d-haaay" "eeeee-h" "maaa-heee" and other vowel and consonant oddities.
You have just discovered you have hands this past week as well. I see good times in your future as you figure out how those things work. It's going to be interesting when you realize you have two feet as well!

I still look down at you almost daily in awe. I can spend hours watching you. I wonder what you think about the world you live in right now, and how you will grow and learn. I wonder about the person you will become and what traits we see in you now will carry through your whole life (will you always be that serious and observant? Will your eyes stay blue? What color will you like the most... right now it seems to be red.)

We only have a couple more weeks together, then I go back to work and a good chunk of your day will be spent with a sitter. Poppy will also be taking over a lot of your day-to-day needs. You still can't stand pacifiers or bottles, but hopefully you boys will work things out for yourselves. I'm sad to be giving up all that time every day with you, but I'm also thankful that I got to be there for every minute of these first months. Know that I miss you already.

I love you.



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amanda. said...

gillian, what a beautiful letter! he looks so different since i saw him!!!! look at those cheeks!!