Thursday, November 22, 2007


Our family is amazing. Through all the turmoil this year, you have quietly stood by and supported us when we couldn't support ourselves. And by family I mean the family we were born into as well as those of you who we are lucky enough to call our friends. You have called us and talked us through the darkest moments, loved us through the toughest hours, and fed us when we could barely eat. You love us unconditionally.

For this I can't help but be eternally thankful and filled with peace.

This poem is for you:

There's no vocabulary
for love within a family,
love that's lived in but not looked at,
love within the light of which
all else is seen,
the love within which
all other love finds speech.
This love is silent.


And here we are on this holiday eve, quietly announcing we have something else to be grateful for... we are expecting again. A little brother or sister for Burke will be joining our family in June.

Love to all of you,
B and G


Katy said...

OH GILLIAN!!!!!!!!

I am so very happy for you, my eyes just filled with tears of joy!

This is wonderful news and makes my holiday brighter!

Sarah and Jake said...

What wonderful news!!!!! We are thrilled for you!
This makes us very happy. Love you both!

houstonmom said...


Christa said...

This is terrific news! Hope you are doing well.