Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend drywall

Well, other than a few other small and insignificant areas, I think we can safely say our drywall-hanging days are finally through.

Here's the beautiful kitchen ceiling, sanded and primed.
And here is the foyer wall, leveled out, arched, lit with a couple new can lights and ready to sand next week. After Thanksgiving dinner, at least. And the ceiling has been redone, and is ready for further coats of mud. Not bad for the weekend! B's been nursing a sore back all day today.
We also got the last of the backsplash tile in the kitchen finished off and made one big change in our flooring plans. Since we're going to end up having to redo all the floors, we're just going to tile the mudroom. The rest of the main living space will be wood flooring for continuity. Wood floors are a much better choice for us. We spend a heck of a lot of time cooking and are not the most graceful of our species. Wood will offer a little more cushion for our feet and our poor dishes and cups.

Well, off to work on cleaning up this place. We have to make it presentable for the family coming down for the holidays. No simple task with all the dust and debris.

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