Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Progress

Well, here we are, another weekend down. The kitchen ceiling is re-drywalled, the foyer wall by the stairs has a new curved edge, and the subway tile backsplash around the kitchen counters is going up. Here's a pic of the insides of the half-wall in the foyer.
And here it is reformed and partially skinned in dryall.

But, more importantly than all these internal things is the external. We are officially junk-free in the backyard! Pop came down for the afternoon from Dayton and brought a box of 32 garbage bags and his pickup. We filled up the bags with the construction detritus and loaded down his truck. With 32 big black garbage bags of crap. Unreal. I'm always surprised how much and how quickly this stuff accumulates. Trash is like mold: once you get a little bit of it, it breeds and takes over. Soon everywhere you turn is covered.

Well, thank goodness that's over. Nothing would be more depressing than staring out the back window this winter with a cup of hot tea warming my hands and seeing piles of snow-covered plaster.

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