Friday, October 5, 2007

Photo updates

Well, not much time to write today; B was stung by a bee while bringing the trashcans back from the curb. For those that don't know, B is pretty darn allergic. Not quite EpiPen allergic (unless it's anywhere near his face or upper chest) but enough to cause his index finger to completely swell into a Michelin Man pointer for the next couple of days. Poor guy. So, I've just fed him some benadryl and have about 22 minutes, 16 seconds to get him to bed before the coma takes effect. Here's a few photos from the weekend...Mary, patron saint of rotten trim... may the lavendar and mint sweeten your day.

The second side in progress... two coats of primer and starting the yellow.

The second side at the end of the day, with two coats of yellow.

I thought I had taken some shots of the front of the house (we finished it last night) but then I remembered it was dark when we came in and I couldn't. I'll get to those in the next day or two. Progress in the kitchen continues with more sanding of the counters and drywall. Oh, and thanks to A, who helped with picking the new color for the kitchen during her weekend stay!
Yikes, B is drooping... time to post and run...

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