Sunday, October 28, 2007


Since it rained on and off all day Friday and Saturday, we worked on the kitchen this weekend. Not much good working outside on the siding and painting. The drywall on the walls and the drop ceiling above the big island is now sanded, primed and painted. I LOVE IT. B got the new pendant lights hung today while I was at work. What a guy.

SO...Here's the view from the kitchen out into the dining room. The walls and coving in here are a nice pale blue color. B wants to put the flat screen tv we're buying when we win the lottery on a swing arm on that blue wall. That way he can watch Prison Break while cooking me lavish four course dinners in a cute apron. He's multi-talented like that. I'm not kidding. You all know about his divine cheesecakes, right? Unbelievably good. Especially the tiramisu cheesecake. Mmm... Oh, and me? I'll be in my own little pit-o-yarn knitting hats and Rabbits and Bears (oh-my). And watching CSI reruns on Spike.
I just realized while looking at these pictures that the shape of the glass shade of the pendant lights match the el-cheapo Home Despot dining room fixture. Hmmm. That's going to have to change anyways.

Here's what we got from the dining room looking into the kitchen:The coved ceiling will have crown molding going all the way across the top and continue around the dining room. That's why we didn't bother painting all the way up. It's really going to finish off the room.

Here's a better look at the upper part. I still keep staring up at the lights. So shiny. They match the stove perfectly. Sorry I didn't take any good pictures of it yet. You can kind of see it in the background by the window. Just a smidge of it, though. It's the perfect stove for making decadent cheesecakes. Mmm... cheesecake.

Up next: the subway tile back splash for the counters. We'll post more soon. Love to all!

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Sarah and Jake said...


Your kitchen is stunning. Your summer of hard work has paid off- we are so impressed. Can't wait to hang out in there!