Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well, the final toll:

11 Princesses
9 Spidermen
9 Fairies/Imps/Sprites (with wings)
8 Witches, or variations based on a loose definition of "witch"
7 Ninjas
6 Deaths, or variations on the theme
5 Football players (2 of them little ladies)
4 Pumpkins
4 Ghosts
4 Vampires
3 Wizards
3 Hookers (No lie. Teens.)
3 Cheerleaders
2 Batmen
2 Ladybugs
2 Skater Punks
2 Knights with armor
1 Sith warrior
1 Supergirl
1 Beyonce
1 Ron, Anchorman
1 Borat
Several assorted and non-memorable Disney characters
And only One Harry Potter.

No clowns, thank god. And no zombies. I have to say I'm a little disappointed in that. And only a couple lame-non-dressed up, way-too-old-for-it teenagers/twentysomethings. They only got one tootsie roll. Or crusty Bit-O-Honey.


1 comment:

The Talker said...

the secret for way too old kids is an ice cube or a walnut etc. you keep a bowl right by the candy bowl and with a flick toss it in the bag so they got a big candy bar