Thursday, October 4, 2007

Depressing Chili news.

Well, we've tried to keep the chili cook off running every October, but this year's chili cook off has been delayed. We REALLY don't want to say canceled. So, delayed is the word of the day.

We've been spending every evening after work and the past three whole weekends painting the exterior of the house, and we just can't get caught up. We don't even have the stove hooked up yet (waiting to finish the counters until the painting is done since painting weather will probably not hold out) so even if we DID manage to get the yard cleaned up enough, get the fliers and t-shirts made, get the bathrooms stocked and the house clean enough to not give folks the willies when they look into the corners, shop for favors, make the trophies and prizes, buy the kegs, get stuff set up, B would still have to cook his chili off-site. And you all know how much he loves to leave the house.


Yes, we're just as depressed as the rest of you. We're just too tired every night to focus, let alone do things like look at calendars and realize it's October already.

The good news is the front of the house is now done as well. YAY!

So, all that's left is to take down the scaffold on the front of the house, hang the cup hooks for the Christmas lights, replace the front gutters, scrape and repaint the trim on the back side of the house, finish the last of the cedar shingles on the back of the house, seal the new cedar shake on the back of the house, (that we're NOT painting), shingle the porch roof, replace the BACK gutters, buy primed trim, paint and hang it, power wash the brick, fence and deck, stain the fence and deck, replace the window trim on the east-facing side, clear out the back yard of the last of the debris, and then move back to working on the kitchen. Oy-veh...

Updates soon, we promise.

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