Tuesday, July 31, 2007

new back porch

I'm determined to get caught up with the remodeling photos so I can send out this link and update our dear friends and family as to what we're up to. I know they must think we've fallen off the face of the earth...

So here it goes: the new back porch!

B removed some of the decking on the corner of the landing. They decided to use the circular saw to add some detail to the top of the pillar.

And there they go, getting ready to raise the 6x6 pillar. "Ahem," notice the similar hands-on-hips-pose. Like father like son...

Unfortunately, I didn't take any more shots until that night, after the structure was done! Can you believe it went up in one day!? Unbelievable. This shot shows how they tied it in with the existing trim/etc. The ceiling is bead board to tie in with the eaves and the ceiling in the former back porch-now mudroom. It's a little hard to see the notch detail since it's so dark. Look closely, though, and admire!

I took this shot the other morning, now that the trim is all up. This weekend I stained the ceiling bead board to match the mudroom ceiling. The roof line still looks a little cockeyed, but as soon as we get the new gutters on and shingle the new portion of the roof, it'll look level. Until then, we'll have to just ignore the slope-that's-really-not-there.

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