Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well, it was a window in our dining room. We took out the window and framing, and now, thanks to S, it is our new doorway into the mudroom.

Here it is with the rough framing (and oodles of debris and assorted de/con/struction instruments.

B got the drywall done before he left for Dallas. I have the distinct feeling this is going to be my spot. I keep wandering over into the room on Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. I stand there and stare out the window into the yard, and just breathe peacefully and think of Burke. After watching the squirrels, thinking over the supplies list for that day's trip to the Home Despot, I'll move on.

The great thing about the new back doors is that the blinds are sandwiched between the layers of glass. No one will ever have to dust those suckers! Yes, I love them dearly.

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Katy said...

The new back doors look awesome!