Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Countertop Part II

Here we go... now it's SANDING time!!! B started sanding it a couple of days after we took the form off. Here he is hitting the rounded corner. He left the support of the bar side in place for several extra days, just in case.

In this view you can see the new doorway into the new mudroom. We tore out the window that was there in order to make the opening. I like sledgehammers. The new window overlooking the back yard is so beautiful. I keep standing in the new doorway staring out into the trees.

B dry-fitted the new sink in place to see what it was beginning to look like. The black dye we used made a LOT of black colored dust. On everything. Even with the orbital palm sander attached to the shopvac. I would hate to see what the place would look like if he hadn't done that! Yikes! I think this was taken on the final skim coat to fill in the last of the little pits and flaws.

And here is what it looks like after it's been sanded like crazy and with a couple coats of penetrating sealer and topcoat. The extra supports holding up the bar end and the surrounding lip have been removed. B used buffing compound and car wax with a nice car buffer to get the glorious sheen you see. Even M likes it (that's him sniffing the front)!

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