Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today was a much better day. Bennett and I spent it making muffins, hanging with friends, a Dr checkup (all is well with the baby, PERFECT time for that reassurance), and a lovely asparagus frittata with a strawberries/cream/angel food cake chaser.

In all that fun goodness I forgot to take better photos of the works in progress that I blasted through yesterday, so I guess I'll just post the mediocre ones now.

The first is some of those scraps I have been compulsively trimming down for a while, paired with Kona Ash. I'm trying to decide what to do with it. I started it thinking I would use it to make one of Anna Maria Horner's patchwork sleep sack, but I'm not so sure now. Part of me wants to finish it as a quilt, sell it, then donate part or all of the proceeds (Red Cross for Japan relief came to mind, especially as 2/3 of the prints are Japanese). Grief work provides comfort, but the association looking back becomes a weight once the project is finished, when the "work" is through. Maybe I should donate it to Cherry House's project? Anyone got other ideas?

The next is Bennett's tool quilt, intended to be a quick and sturdy lap/toddler quilt for him to drag around his "workshop." The sashing is a bright blue Kona, the back will be pieced in the remnants of the fabrics as well as navy and the bright blue. I have some ideas for the quilting...

Next is to finish the Brown Bear quilt for the new baby, three quilts for three babes.
Not too bad for a day of sewing.

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amanda. said...

your quilts are so beautiful.

i know a family that has a terminally ill baby the same age as ruby, that would probably really feel the love of a quilt like that, if you are interested. whatever you do will be fantastic.