Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm nuts.

I like to pretend I have all the time in the world to work on all these ideas bouncing around in my head. The latest: quilting up fun kids quilts while using up some of my precious tiny scraps.

Day job, household chores, errands, Etsy, sleep, it's all pushed aside as these ideas tumble forth, at 2am these days, while the baby in my belly decides I need to switch sides for his/her comfort, thank you very much.
I keep perusing fun patterns for using up tiny scraps, and although I've been smitten with spiderweb quilts lately, this type of quilt seems a better choice for highlighting some of the quirky and unusual patterns and prints.


Tessa said...

yes! it's brilliant! (you could also highlight your favorite bigger pieces in the center of each square)

My inner quilter lives vicariously through you!

Tessa said...

...only because I'm sound asleep at 2am...

My season of mad quilting will come again--enjoy yours while you're in it!