Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

Dear Brian,

Today is your 32nd birthday. Yes, I know they say that after 30 your life is effectively over. We've spent well over a third of our birthdays together now, and I have to tell you that each year that passes has been unforgettable with you. I was drawn to you a dozen years ago because of your quick wit and blue eyes, and I'm drawn to you today for the man you've become. Every new project you tackle you put your whole heart in. You are an amazing cook and cheesecake maker as well as a talented craftsman--look at our house!!! Your love of all things technical and geeky make you charming, and your savant memory for all things pop-culture make you a hit at parties (ha-ha!). You've laughed with me through the good times and held me during the darkest.

I love you.

You are a wonderful partner, my best friend, and the greatest father Bennett and Burke could have ever wanted. Here's to a lifetime of more great moments. I can't wait to spend them with you.



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Sarah and Jake said...

I'm glad you're such a good husband and father, Brian. Both of you guys are an inspiration to us.

- Jake