Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bigger than a monkey

Well, we didn't have toast or bananas to compare the monkey to, but we did have his stuffed monkey.
Sadly, we have to report that the monkey is now bigger than his monkey.
Time to pack away the newborn-sized stuff with heavy hearts. He's growing like a weed!

Big milestones over the past few days:

-Big smiles when we wish Monkey good morning, and not the poop grins we've come to expect.
-His gaze is staying much more fixed on stuff, especially shadows and his reflection in the big mirror in our bedroom.
-The "I'm bored" cry is becoming distinctly different to us than the "I'm hungry."
-Limbs are a lot more organized. He's been stretching after naps just like Poppy.
-The nugget is a lot less floppy. Go neck muscles!
-He's finding those magical things called thumbs.

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