Saturday, July 12, 2008


Remember all the progress on the house? Well, it has obviously come to a dead stop. The last bit of work we got done was the baseboards.

We ended up trashing the baseboards that were in our house through the construction process. The low(er) cost solution was milling new baseboards ourselves out of MDF. First, B and Pop cut the sheets down to boards the appropriate height.

Then they routed out the detail edges and a groove down the middle for some decorative molding.

Then the molding was glued and nailed into place with the air gun and some small brads.
After a thorough sanding we gave them several coats of primer and paint.

It like a sweatshop at our house that weekend; everyone participated in some aspect of creating all of the baseboard we needed.

We finished getting the last of it installed the night before I went into labor. All that's left to do is sand down the wood filler from the nail holes and give it all one last coat of paint.

Looks pretty rich, no? You'd never know it only cost us a couple hundred buckaroos to mill enough to trim out the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen and mudroom.

B has moved outside this summer, projectwise. More on that later, the Monkey is calling...

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