Friday, April 18, 2008


I woke up at 5:35 this morning to the sound of all the bits and bottles on my nightstand shaking. The windows were open and in my haze I first thought it was a truck passing by. Then the bed began shaking. I got up and noticed the ceiling fan knocking a bit, then began calling for B. After all, it was only 5:35am. What sane person is voluntarily at work THAT early? I thought he was downstairs using a sawzall. The photos hung in our hallway were trembling as I went down the stairs, and the glasses in the cabinet were rattling when I got to the kitchen (still yelling for B).

Then it stopped. Altogether, about 15-20 seconds of quaking. And no B with a sawzall cutting away beams in the basement.

I checked on the dogs, both oblivious and camped out on their beds, found a phone and called B. I thought for sure some support in our house had given way.

Instead, I found out shortly after this is what happened.

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