Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 9th

I'm off work today, with the goal in mind of quilting. Keeping busy seems to be the best line of defense, and having two quilts assembled and ready to go was an awesome feat for Tuesday! Unfortunately, my sewing machine is not cooperating.

I am realizing that the reason I don't quilt much anymore is that I've begun to outgrow the capabilities of my simple Singer 5830 school model. I want it to do stuff it just can't do. I need it to do free-motion quilting and not gum up. I need to have control over the bobbin thread tension, and there's just no way that's going to happen. I've been feeling the panic rising up in me all day. And anger at being limited not by my own creativity or ability, but by a hunk of mid-line quality metal and plastic.

Luckily, Mrs. M, my friend's mom (and avid quilter) has a couple of machines she's not using and is going to lend me her Bernina AND her old Janome. Thank Goodness for the kindness of friends.

Back to progress and the slow digestion of these in-between anniversary days... these few short days of our baby's little life. Tomorrow is the day we let him go. We're both working, so here's hoping that provides enough distraction to carry us through...

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