Thursday, March 13, 2008

February gift

I decided to make socks for February's monthly gift for the new little one. They match the little sno-cap hat I made back in September and are ten times cuter in person.
While I was at it, I decided to make B a pair of socks for V-day. It took me until March 4th to finish them, but hey! He still got to wear them in all that snow we got last weekend. I used a pattern with a broken rib stitch on the main body of the sock, and measured B's feet so they would be a "custom" fit. I think socks will be the new fixation. I keep looking at the Big Box craft stores for good yarn to use, but I am realizing I'll have to make a special trip to My Favorite Local Yarn Store for a little bit of shopping. Darn.

I am thinking I need to switch gears soon as well. I still have a sling to make for the little squirmer and I have an idea for a quilt. The quilt I may or may not get to, but the sling I really must complete. I even have the rings, so I really don't have any excuse. I'm getting too big to help out much around the house with the construction stuff and the nesting-thing is starting to kick in. What a terrible combination for B. All the pressure with about a tenth of the help.

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amanda. said...

i havent been able to do socks for some reason at all! every time i try i get all messed up around the heels. lsjflas.

those look wonderful; the babes & b's!!!

how is ikea?? im scared to go there til the excitement dies down; but ikea is always busy anyway!!