Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dining Room Ceiling

Well, instead of just hanging a bit of crown molding around the perimeter, B got a little carried away, and in the process solved the Ugly Chandelier Problem we've been dealing with. With the new layout of the kitchen and dining room, the Ugly Chandelier does not hang in the middle of the room. The other problem is that the room is large and conducive to a variety of tasks, not just "dining." We've had the chandelier tied up close to the top to get it out of the way with a spare piece of wire. Not exactly attractive. So. here it is:
B and Pop spent this Monday laying out the dimensions with 2x4s (not an easy task since there is not one SINGLE square wall/ceiling/corner/anything in this whole house. We're talking oblong parallelograms at best.) and getting the beams covered in melamine board.

The rest of the week (and this weekend) was spent cutting and insetting 144 linear feet of crown molding inside the coffers, and hanging can lights instead of the Ugly Chandelier.

And here's what it looks like tonight with a good coat of primer on it. It looks like a million dollars!
Now no one will hit their head on a low-hanging mess of Ugly. And everyone will look up and take notice of the mighty fine workmanship that went into this project.

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Sarah and Jake said...

LOOKS AMAZING GUYS- can't wait to see it all in person sometime soon.