Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Base Cabinets

B spent the weekend building base cabinets for the kitchen. The cabinet you see below will have a bank of drawers all the way down, including a couple of deep ones for pots and pans that don't fit in the storage provided by the stove.

These three on the other side of the stove will each have a single drawer at the top of them an regular cabinet drawers below.
So the last of the old cabinets will be occupied by Ty, 'cause Miles will never find him in there... perfect for sneak attacks.
Man, looking at Miles in the photo makes me realize he's becoming the old grey man. I remember the days his nose was solid black. Ah, well. He and B share the same birthday and are exactly 20 years apart, which means he'll be turning 12 this year. We've been really fortunate to have such sound dogs. They've both had their traumas but for the most part they've been happy and healthy over the years.

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