Monday, January 7, 2008

Mudroom tile

We got the mudroom and landing to the basement tiled this past weekend. We used the same slate that we used in the basement, and repeated the same pattern.

The landing:
B laid a plywood subfloor over the crappy one that was there. We also needed to raise up the floor a bit to be the same height as the stairs and to fit under the new side door.

Then he cut a sheet of hardibacker to fit, and screwed it into place.

Then comes the tile. And let me tell you what a pain it is to get the angles correct in such a confined area. No picnic.
But hey, it looks great, right?

And the mudroom looks even better. Just don't mind the dirt.

The next step is to wash them all another couple of times, seal the stone, then grout the joints with a medium gray grout, wash them another half-dozen times, then reseal the whole area with more sealant.

Sigh. Okay, I'm sore and worn thin from the weekend. Reading about what still needs to get done before we can declare the project over is making me even more tired than I am.


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