Monday, January 7, 2008


Sheesh, it's already the 7th of January. The time has really flown. We spent Christmas with B's family in Y-town, and had a great time.
Christmas eve Pop, S and B slaved over putting together this massive dollhouse for Mc. Unfortunately one wall was missing when they went to assemble it the evening before, and of course there were no replacements in stock within a 50 mile radius. And it's not like a Dollhouse will operate with just two walls. That third one is kind of critical. So, instead of disappointing a little three-year old girl on Christmas morning, S bought a sheet of thin mdf, and B cut a replacement side. Then the three of them spent two to three hours assembling it.
What an undertaking. Thank goodness for power tools or they would have been there all night. The little angle wrench they "provide" just didn't cut it. And here are the guys, showing off a job well done.

It felt like home, with the bathroom remodel on the main floor going on while we were there. B helped Pop get it done, just in time for company. And I got to do some great shopping. I can't find a store here in Cinci that rivals Jimmy's Italian Specialties... it's so small they don't even have a website. But they DO have italian greens, homemade pasta, imported cheeses, candies, and other decadent delights. All the food there puts anything we have down here to shame. TO SHAME!!!

Christmas day was great. We ate a lot (homemade spaghetti sauce and wedding soup, cavatelli, turkey, Aunt C's fabulous cookies and desserts, the whole nine yards), visited a bunch more, and opened some great gifts.
B's gift to me: a bunch of words and pictures attached to random items... let's see if you can puzzle it out:

words/numbers: 4, - Mr. , 2.
pictures: a snapshot of a chess knight, Mr. Ed, a candle wick, a cop writing a ticket, a door opening.

Figured it out yet?
Oh, and A and I got fuzzy lined Crocs. Hands down the ugliest yet coziest slippers there are.

New Year's Eve we made an attempt to stay up 'til midnight, but threw in the towel by 10:30 or so. To be fair, we were up by 5am the next morning, climbing back on the home renovation horse.

Yes, this massive horse. We've rounded the bend, now. Just five months until the new arrival. Just five months to put everything to rights. It feels like the pressure just got turned up a notch.

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