Monday, January 14, 2008



B started building the cabinets for the kitchen this weekend. Here's the beginnings of the pantry made out of melamine board.
He used a prefabricated board with predrilled holes as a template to set the drill pattern so we would have fully adjustable shelves all the way up.
The pantry in place:
The final cabinets installed:
There is an additional small one above the pantry and tall ones above the fridge surround. We designed the surround to accommodate a larger fridge if we ever need to upgrade. B thought about building a skinny cabinet that could be knocked down if necessary, but there really isn't enough space to bother. He'll center the fridge we have and add some trim around the sides to hide the empty space. B wants to run cork up the side of the fridge surround to post stuff.

Next step now that the carcases are complete is to build the fronts out of mdf. Then they get primed and painted. Once he's done building the rest, we'll order the doors for the whole kitchen.

I can't tell you how exciting this is. We started this process in June, and now the end is in sight. Sigh. Cheers to that!

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