Friday, December 14, 2007


I just realized a blogger I've been reading lately has written a letter to her daughter every month since she's been born. Dooce was recently published in Real Simple Magazine as part of a segment of parents writing letters to their children for them to read at important milestones in their lives. It was called "Read This When." I read that too, and loved it, but just realized today that the magazine letter was just one tiny piece of the picture.

She's in month 46. 46 letters documenting in fierce and witty detail the ins and outs of growth and change. On both sides: the child and the parent.


I have to admit something at this point.

I have been writing short letters to the new baby every week or so. They're not for sharing with the public, but a way for me to cope and to connect with this new little one. And to heal. And to tell this little one I'm here and present, not always lost in this grief I feel when my thoughts turn to Burke and the horrible day we said goodbye to him.

I'm saying hello instead.


amanda. said...

i am so happy reading this.

ive written letters to both noah & to jonah, from the time i knew they were growing & i continue on.

you are amazing.

Katy said...

Dooce is awesome. I have been a fan for a few years now.