Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Foyer and railings

B finished the railings for the basement stairway about twenty minutes ago. Take a look:

He designed them to be removable when we buy that large 72" TV so it can be easily negotiated down the stairs. And the in-keg-erator.

And here's the foyer with the drywall and paint completed. All that's left in this area is to replace the light fixture, redo the floors, and get new carpet installed on the stairs. There's a little view of the stairway to the basement with the brand new railings as well.

This is the stuff B loves, the stuff that keeps him going until 8:10pm after getting up at 4am and putting in a full day of work. He is genius with the awesome woodworking details. Well, he's just plain genius at most everything he does. Need proof? Come on over and check out the house now that projects are slowly coming to a close. A man with some serious skills lives here.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Arghhh! I am a man with zero skills. darn you people with skills! ok,ok, maybe Im a little bit jealous. ok alot. looks nice though.