Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sad Story of Unca Butt

So since G decided to post about my current frustration with lil' B I guess I can tell you all the story of Unca Butt. Grab a carpet square and cop a squat because my tale is about to begin.

Not too long ago in a 'burb not so far from here some of our dear friends reside. Back when we were buying our house our current landlord wouldn't extend our lease another month while we were waiting to close so our dear friends took us in. At the time their eldest child was a little younger than lil' B and every time I got my hands on her I tried to get her to say Uncle Brian. As hard as I tried she never did, and we got our house and moved out.

Months go by and we go over our dear friends for dinner and to my astonishment I get called out by name, well not really by name: I was at this point branded "Unca Butt". This tradition has been passed down through the next two children, so for the last ten years I have been know in certain circles as "Unca Butt".

But wait there is more! There can't be more you say, that is enough to drive a man's self esteem in the gutter. I know, I know, but sadly there is more. I believe it was the next child in their clan. My objective was to get her to say "EEE EEE EEE" when I would ask her "How do the monkeys go?" . Well some may already see this coming. Somehow and I don't blame D but.....The question got changed to "How does Unca Butt go?" and after months of practice with no response to the monkey question I watched as her little mouth open and a "EEE EEE EEE" comes out.

So back to current day. I am trying to not pressure lil' B into saying anything. Mainly out of fear of what nickname I will be dubbed for the next 18yrs. Yes, it has been a little frustrating waiting for it but it is worth it in the end.

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Tessa said...

True story.

I would say that the actual pronunciation was more like "Unca Brrttt," but it was fun to tease you about being "Unca Butt."

The monkey part is totally true too.

We wouldn't tease you if we didn't love you:)

No doubt Baby B will break out with a loud and clear "Papa!" any day now! I commend your patience!