Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hi Dad!

Conversations with Papa & Bennett over the six weeks:

"Bennett, what's that?"


"Yes! That's the cat!"

"And who's that?"


"Right! It's mama!"

"And what's this?"

"Gog-gog-GOG! Gog!!"

"Yeah, it's the dog! Yay!"

"And who am I?"

...silence. "Ca-Cat-CAT!"

"Sigh. No, I'm Papa. Can you say Papa?"

Bennett pointing to cat: "CAT-CAT-CAT!!!"

"Yes, and who am I? Am I Dad? Dada? Papa?

Pause, then "Cat! Cat-cat-cat-cat! CAT!"

"No, I'm Papa. Say Papa! Or say Dada!"

This has been the running conversation between the two of them every day for weeks.

Even a couple weeks ago when Big B and Bennett were coming home from the sitters, Bennett fired off a "Hi, Cat!!!" at the cat sitting on the step, waiting to be let in. It's been a bit of a sore spot with Big B to be so firmly behind the pets in the order of spoken words.

Then last week, when Big B picked Bennett up from the sitters, Bennett looked at him coming through the door and said "Hi, Dad!"

At least he said Dad before learning to say "cheese," his favorite food.

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