Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New garage door!

Well, there is still stuff to be done around our house, believe it or not... B has been on a garage cleaning binge, getting rid of mounds of junk and cleaning out. Since that is mostly done, B decided to utilize Pop during their weekend visit and install a new garage door.
As with all projects we tend to tackle around here, there is inevitably more headaches (backaches?) than one would expect. I guess that comes with the territory when you buy an older home.
The front of wall of the garage was not secure at all, come to find out. The whole side was sagging towards the middle, so the guys had to jack it up and install proper headers instead of the old 2 by 4, piece of 1/4 inch masonite and a prayer that was holding it up. Notice B balanced precariously on Bennett's car.
The guys decided one big door would be better than a couple of small ones, especially to get stuff in and out.
They got the whole construction part done and the door assembled in one day, and the next was spent getting the mechanics of it all (opener, tracks, balance, etc) in proper working order.
And here it is! Just a lot of sore muscles, a couple of big bruises, and a sledgehammer to get the job done.

Go Team K!

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