Saturday, August 2, 2008

2 months

Dear Bennett,

You are two months old today. I just put you to sleep, though you know I'll be up there every fifteen minutes to check on you.

You've had quite a lot going on this month! You are finally relaxing your muscles, stretching out both your legs and arms. You like to practice standing of people's laps, especially your Aunt A. You recognize my face and poppy's big bearded one, even from quite a distance. You've also discovered the ceiling fan. I'm surprised you don't get seasick watching it spin! You are getting much more interested in the outside world. I've been wearing you facing out when we go on walks so you can look around, though you think watching the power lines go by is still the most fascinating thing on the planet.

You now weigh 13lbs 9oz, and grew another couple of inches in length over the past four weeks. Some of your 0-3 clothes are getting a little snug, which just slays me! Where is my little baby going??

Your baby blues keep turning a lighter shade of blue, so there's a good chance you've inherited your poppy's eyes. You give us big responsive smiles now, and are even starting to make cohesive sounds (gh-eee is the most popular one this week, haaa-mm was last week). Your cries are also a lot more defined, as are your facial expressions. See this post as an example. We can tell if you're hungry, bored, tired, or just plain cranky.

We still call you the monkey, even as you are growing much bigger than the knitted monkey you have. Sooner than I'd like to believe you'll be holding the monkey in your little hand while yelling "Won't!"

You prefer to be held and loved all day and night long, which is fine with me. Most of the time. I still wonder how your older brother Burke would be reacting to your presence. Whether you would be recognizing his face, beginning to form your own private language the two of you would share. Sometimes when I'm holding you I'm overcome. There are certain looks, certain things that just remind me of Burke, and the sadness and ache takes my breath away.

Then you smile, wiggle, show me your gums, and I can breathe again. I love you.



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