Monday, June 23, 2008

Three weeks in

"So, what did you learn?"

1. That meconium poo is reminiscent of tar. Use butt cream as a barrier so you don't scrub his bum raw with each gnarly diaper.

2. Figure out how the carseat works BEFORE you're parked in the loading zone with a howling newborn.

3. "Sleeping through the night" is considered five hours. Shockingly, I'm ok with his 2-3 hour stretches, as long as they occur while it's dark outside.

4. Breast feeding is a learned skill. No amount of research, a.k.a. book-learning, will take the place of practice.

5. Point the little winky DOWN when diapering. Failure to follow this important step will result in all parties getting peed on.

6. You will get peed (and pooped) on. Accept this fact and move on.

7. Naps are highly underrated.

8. One little smile eliminates the memory of tearful all-night nurse-a-thons and incidents of colic/gas. Yep, it's all worth it.

9. Friends and food chains are awesome.

10. I still consider myself a mother of two. Burke, I still miss you. You'll always be my eldest son.

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