Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for Breakfast

Yesterday morning I woke up and spent about fifteen minutes just lying there quietly, listening to the rain. B was hanging out, and the two of us just spent a while talking about the open house, all the friends and family we got to hang out with, and generally analyzing the projects that got done and the projects yet to finish.

Once he got up and left the room, the insistent prodding from the babe made me sit up in bed, and I began trying to decide if it was time to get up or if the babe would quiet down enough for another hour of sleep. All of a sudden I heard this low growling noise from right behind me. Startled, I checked to see if the dogs were in the room (they weren't) or if the cat was hanging out (he wasn't). I heard the growl again, and checked behind me again, a little freaked out. It took me another minute to realize it was coming from me, but from the back of me. This kiddo has pushed my stomach back to my kidneys and I was hungry.

Go figure.

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