Saturday, May 17, 2008

April gift

April was really a month of multiple gifts. There's the family quilt that still needs a little more quilting and some binding, a little quilt for baby L and yet another quilt for baby Steamboat (photos of that one to come). The April project for the baby was slated to be a yoda sweater knitted with a soy-blend yarn. Unfortunately, I seem to be through with knitting for the present time, and so it remains in the knitting bag by the bed, missing one sleeve and front panel. Oh, well! Quilting is the new Knitting. I'm sure by the year's end, I'll be finished with sewing and be back onto string and stick construction. So, here's some super-cute flannel wipes in progress. I love the the junk food flannel!

The pink candy fabric is also awesome! I can't wait to get them finished. I think I'll have enough left over for a couple burp cloths. How appropriate!

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