Sunday, January 6, 2013


We shall be moving soon, somewhere my peppers and beard will be appreciated.

EDIT: We are NOT moving!! B just fantasizes about curing meats and riding uncomfortable bicycles. 


Jean(ie) said...


You know I'll only be about 4 hours away... YOU will LOVE the Pacific Northwest! While we haven't really done the Portland area yet, It's one beautiful state!

Nancy said...

Really, Gillian? Wow, this is a long ways away! So you're happy about this? Congrats to you! Will certainly miss you.

starlightsound said...

No, we aren't moving to Portland, though we are fixated on the show Portlandia! According to the song it would be the PERFECT place for us no? :-)

"We can pickle that!"

Nancy said...

Too funny! You had us going! And just when I started getting excited for you that you would be in the Portland Modern Quilt! Glad you're staying here. Cheers!