Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along week 6 (late)

Well, back on track this week with four new ones I'm happy with, and one that I totally screwed up. Sigh.
Block 29: Economy
Well, "Economy" was not what was running through my mind as I cut into some of this ultra rare and super precious Heather Ross VW bus print. Except in an ironic sense, I guess. But look how cuuute! My favorite of the week, I think. It's paired with some brown Heath from Alexander Henry.

Block 77: Seasons
I love how this one turned out! The color combination is grand, I managed to get the giraffes placed pretty much where I wanted them, and my corners meet relatively well. Yay! Fabrics are some scrap brown from Norah's Brown Bear quilt and some of Laurie's Urban Circus Giraffes put out by Kaufman.

Block 80: Single Wedding Star
I like this one a lot, too. Using up the last of some Heather Ross wildflowers print in a gorgeous hot pink, pairing it with some of Cosmo Cricket's Tailor Made print. I can't decide which stands out more, the golden "ring" or the circle of boxed flowers.

Block 30: End of Day
Another block using up tiny bits and scraps of past favorites: some chairs from Laurie's Tufted Tweets line, a bit of Kona solid in a pale aqua shade, and wee triangles (the last of the LAST!) of Heather Ross wildflowers. TOTALLY satisfying to use up these precious little bits!

And then there's this one. Perfect. Except it should have been set on POINT. Aaargh! It was the last little bits of my favorite Japanese print of all time. And now it's going to go down in my memory as the One I Royally Screwed Up. I wish I hadn't started it at 11:30 one night, should have taken a second (third? Fourth?) look at the pattern, should have taken a breath before diving in, scissors in hand.
So now I have to decide if I want to just go ahead and use it in the Farmer's Wife quilt, or save it for a fun mug rug or other small project...


Heather Jones said...

The last one would make a super cute pillow!

Shocking Hocking said...

defo put it in the fw quilt - it doesn't matter it's not on point - not everyone will be looking at it straight up anyway!!

Jean said...

I love that one! Keep it!

The Cushion Queen said...

Keep it in the quilt, it's gorgeous!!