Friday, July 29, 2011

beginning at the end...

...with the massive July 4th Northside Parade! Fun and craziness had by all (bless Jake and his strong arms carrying two toddlers through the crowd).

Of course the parade started off with an awesome fire truck!
Followed by your expected and unexpected: old cars, kooky floats, and a bit of politics.
This one was a favorite of Finn and Bennett. I kept wondering how long it took to glue on all those toys, what a job in the broiling weather we were having!
This one was just great, and expressed the "Going Green" theme of this year's event.
We both attempted some family portraits and ate some delicious food.
This one was the best of the bunch, taken on the lovely front porch.
We went from an afternoon of fun up the hill for an evening of outdoor grilling and fun with more friends!

The gal actually woke up for a while before the fireworks started.
What holiday is complete without a cheesecake from Brian? Here's his take on a Red White and Blue theme... Red Raspberry, White Chocolate, and Blueberry, that is. You may commence drooling.


Tessa said...

B has mastered the cheesecake, no doubt! The Fourth was fun all around, but I have to say, the cheesecake was my favorite part!

starlightsound said...

Definitely a great ending to a GREAT day!!

Polymer said...

happen's toy lab car was awesome!! I was wondering about the attachment too... then I found one that had fallen off. MAGNETS!!! they all had an added magnet. awesome.